The Approval and Accreditation statements:

  1. Zurik Healthcare Institute is approved to operate by the Private Business and Vocational Schools Division of the Illinois Board of Higher Education.
  2. Zurik Healthcare Institute is (not) accredited by a US Department of Education recognized accrediting body.

Kelly Home HealthcareKelly Home Healthcare will hire them as soon as they passed their board exam.


Training for a Career as a Nursing Assistant

training-for-a-career-as-a-nursing-assistantWe all know how the demand for nursing assistants in the healthcare industry continues to grow. There are competencies needed in order to be a certified nursing assistant and Zurik Healthcare Institute is a CNA School in Homewood, Illinois that can help you become one.

Because of the advancement opportunities of becoming a CAN, more and more people are willing to land a career in the healthcare industry. The Healthcare Training programs that we offer are the first step toward achieving that goal.

The Basic Nursing Assistant Training Program that we offer is being conducted by professionals who will assist you hands-on. We believe that in order to improve patient care, it is important to undergo professional training to improve skills.

Aside from CAN training programs, we also offer a wide range of other courses and training services, such as the Phlebotomy Technician Program in Illinois. If you are interested to enroll in any of these programs, you are more than welcome to.

Our Healthcare Institute believes that people can accomplish their goals of having a fulfilling career in the healthcare industry as long as they take the step and enroll in one of our programs. To get started, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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