The Approval and Accreditation statements:

  1. Zurik Healthcare Institute is approved to operate by the Private Business and Vocational Schools Division of the Illinois Board of Higher Education.
  2. Zurik Healthcare Institute is (not) accredited by a US Department of Education recognized accrediting body.

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Phlebotomy Technician Program

nurse smilingPhlebotomists are highly specialized members of the health care team working with patients of all ages in a wide range of health care settings. Phlebotomists are often the first medical professional that interact with the patients. They have an opportunity to create a positive impression on behalf of the entire health care system.

Phlebotomy is more than a job. It offers flexible hours, good pay and an opportunity to help others.

Course Description

Zurik Healthcare Institute offers the Phlebotomy Technician program over a nine week period with classes held three days a week.

The program will be delivered in two phases namely the classroom phase and the clinical phase. The course covers 70 hours of theory and 20 hours of hands-on experience in both intravenous and capillary blood drawing in a clinical setting and lectures in phlebotomy related concepts. The student will be expected to perform a minimum of 25 successful unsupervised venipuncture using standard equipment, as well as a syringe and butterfly apparatus.

Admission Requirements

  • High School graduation or successful completion of the GED exam
  • Reading Native Compass test with score of 77 or higher, or ESL Compass test with a score of 90 or higher
  • Valid US Social Security Number
  • Successful passing of Criminal Background Check


Non-Refundable Registration Fee: $200.00

Tuition Includes:

» Books Supplies:
» Misc. Expenses (Lab Fees)

TOTAL: $1,500.00